We stopped the chop! (for now)

Timber giant Samling has stopped logging and withdrawn its machinery from a key conservation area!

Throughout the Covid years we’ve been hard at work with local communities to #StopTheChop. These efforts have pressured Samling to withdraw from several sites on Indigenous territory in the upper Baram River Basin. This shows how our coalition of grassroots organizations with relatively small financial means has a big impact, even when facing powerful corporations with deeply embedded political ties.

As many of you know, in response to our efforts Samling has filed a defamation lawsuit against our partner organization in Sarawak, SAVE Rivers. It’s clear to us now that Samling did not anticipate our work and determination to grow when they filed the suit. While it’s unclear what their next move is (they will almost certainly try to find ways to log the area) we will continue to support community-led campaigns against logging and find pressure points.

Our ability to rise to these challenges has been possible because of continued support from our donors. The legal challenges have put considerable pressure on our finances and our ability to respond with strength is due to you, our network of individual donors. Please consider donating today to support this important work. 

Thank you for being part of this movement.