This Praying Mantis is Ready to Go on a Bike Ride!

Macro photographer Eco Suparman took this shot of a praying mantis in biking position at one of his favourite spots in Borneo, Indonesia. Check out the image below!

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Tour de Fronds for praying mantis with the bike-riding bug

Head down and antennae flowing, this mantis looks like it’s taken green transport to the extreme as he goes for a ride on his bike.

The insect climbed onto the fronds of a young plant – which made it look like it was riding a bicycle downhill.

Macro photographer Eco Suparman took the shot as he was trying to capture the bug up close at one of his favourite spots in Borneo, Indonesia.

The 23-year-old student said: ‘I was focusing on taking pictures of the mantis when I noticed the curled plants nearby.

‘Straightaway I thought it looked like a bike – but I couldn’t believe my luck when the mantis walked over and climbed on to the plant.

He added: ‘I was so excited to take the shot, but I was worried the mantis would walk away, or that the leaves would move.

‘As soon as I got home, I showed this image to the family and friends and they were all shocked at how much the picture looks like the insect is riding a bike.

‘I am really glad I was able to photograph this amazing piece of nature’s art.’

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