The Borneo Wire Mid 2018

Here is our mid-year wrap up of 2018 Borneo Project news.


Our work to promote indigenous-led conservation in Sarawak continues through consultations, workshops, and facilitating meetings with the government.

We’re advocating for a socio-ecological study that trains local people to collect data for wide-reaching surveys. In the Amazon, this research method has been used to train indigenous communities to gather ecological, land use, and socio-economic data. This method has not only proven to be an effective and accurate method for scientific use, it also builds engagement in communities, re-connects individuals to bio-cultural knowledge, and enables them to make appropriate planning decisions for their communities and forests. Fi, our Communications Manager, will be in Sarawak to discuss this prospect with communities and officials in July.


In a shocking victory, the opposition Pakatan Harapan (PH) won the Malaysian federal election on May 9th, ending the reign of Barisan Nasional (BN), which had ruled Malaysia since the country was formed! In spite of massive corruption scandals, BN was still widely expected to win. We’re delighted to say goodbye to former Prime Minister Najib, and hope that his many crimes come to light under a new government. PH’s win is a win for democracy, and we hope it opens new opportunities for change.


The Long Liam micro-hydro project is almost complete! We are thrilled to support this project along with our partners SAVE Rivers, TONIBUNG, and Bruno Manser Funds. Long Liam is a Kayan village that fought against the Baram Dam, which would have flooded their territory and displaced the community. The micro-hydro project broke ground last September, and will soon be operational. TONIBUNG has already completed feasibility studies for several other locations and they’ll be embarking on the next village-scale renewable energy system for the communities of the Baram River Basin in the coming months.