SAVE Rivers Press Release: Updates on Baram Dam, Sarawak, Malaysia

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Date: 27th Oct. 2013


Subject: The Baram Dam, Sarawak Malaysia

Press Updates on Sunday 27th Oct. 2013 – Anti Baram Dam protestors who setup blockades and evicting workers from sites, starting from the 23rd Oct 2013, continue their rounds today. Clusters of workers at different locations within the premises of the proposed dam were peacefully told to pack and go. Work for the dam at this point is preparatory in nature, but it is moving very fast in getting ready for the actual construction. However, the Social and Environmental Impact Assessment study (SEIA), which should precede all else has not been made public. At International Hydro Power Conference held in Kuching in May this year, Sarawak Energy Bhd. said that the SEIA will be ready by December 2013. From this, it is clear that Sarawak Energy Bhd. and Sarawak state government are using the same approach in Baram which were used for building the past dams in the state. It is the same continuous use of highhanded approach, with total disregard to recognized standards and democratic processes. This approach results in reckless destruction of the environment and abuses of human rights.

This statement is directly from the desk of the Chairman of SAVE Rivers