Sarawakians and Activist Wong Tack March Against Proposed Mega Dams

Sarawakians fighting against the 12 proposed mega-dams in the state will be joining environment activist, Wong Tack on a 14- day march from Kuantan to the parliament starting on November 13th. Philip Jau, chairperson of the Baram Protection Action Committee, is leading a 12 members team, including three women, from Sarawak on this 300 km journey.

The Sarawak team is part of an environmental collective formed together to highlight green issues in the nation through the “Green March”.  Their partners include Himpunan Hijau, Raub Ban Cyanide Commitee, and Pengerang Coalition.  Philip Jau, the Chairman of Baram Protection Action Committee, plans to use this opportunity to inform and garner support from West Malaysians to stop the 12 mega-dams in Sarawak. 

 “Our participation in the Green March is also our way of showing solidarity to other communities facing similar battles in their backyard,” Philip Jau added, noting that Kuantan is the birthplace of Himpunan Hijau or Green Rally, established to stop the rare earth finery in Gebeng, Kuantan and to provide a green platform for concerned citizens.

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