Check out this documentary on the Bidayuh and the controversial Bengoh Dam by Producer Andrew Garton

Sarawak Gone is a documentary about the Bidayuh, one of the 40 sub-ethnic groups in Sarawak, and the controversial development of the Bengoh Dam that proves to be a threat to their livelihood, traditional lands and culture.

This production by Producer, Toy Satellite and Andrew Garton, seeks to raise awareness of the decline of indigenous life and culture of Sarawak, Malaysia.

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Sarawak Gone – The Bidayuh and the Dam (full-length 30 min version) from andrew garton on Vimeo.

Sarawak is one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo and is home to more than 40 unique sub-ethnic groups, or Dayaks. These include the Penan, Iban, Bidayuh, Kenyah and Kelabit. These are the last forest communities of Sarawak and the Bidayuh of Bengoh, are one of the many communities facing eviction, making way for the controversial Bengoh Dam.

Sarawak Gone explores the communities affected, the controversial environment impact assessment drawn up prior to the construction of the dam, how such developments have affected other indigenous communities and their right to customary land.

Fair Warning **** The Borneo Staff have not yet had a chance to check out this video but encourage viewers to check it out!