August 2017 Updates

Learning how to manage forests in Bario:

On our recent trip to Sarawak we visited Bario, a community in the Kelabit Highlands. We wanted to learn about the consultation and management process for the Pulong Tau National Park, a large protected area nearby. We planted trees and chatted with Lian, one of only three rangers who patrols the 70,000 hectare area, attempting to protect the forest from illegal logging, poaching, and wildlife trade. No small feat!

Community consultations for the Baram Eco Community Forest:

Back in Miri, we participated in a consultation workshop coordinated by our friends at SAVE Rivers and the Forestry Department. Penan, Kenyah, Saban and Kelabit communities came together to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns about the Community Forest (previously known as Baram Peace Park). The key concerns centered around road maintenance and how existing boundary disputes between villages will be resolved. The result of the workshop was overwhelmingly positive, with villages who had previously been apprehensive towards the idea walking away in support.

Read more about the idea here.

Come see The Borneo Case in Sunnyvale:

On Saturday, September 16 Global Bersih is hosting a documentary film screening in the Bay Area to celebrate Malaysia Day. The Borneo Case reveals how billions of dollars of illegal profits solicited by the Chief Minister of Sarawak were money laundered with the assistance of the largest global banks into offshore accounts and property portfolios all over the world. The case was labelled as the largest environmental crime of the century. Get your tickets here!