April Updates

Here is your monthly dose of all things Borneo Project:

Mulu Updates

An area of 4400 hectares in the immediate vicinity of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mulu National Park was under threat of being converted into palm oil monocultures during February and early March. Although logging has stopped for now, we need to keep up pressure to support our indigenous Berawan and Penan friends on the ground. These groups have issued an official complaint to UNESCO, urging the international body to put pressure on the Sarawak government to cancel logging permits in the area. If you haven’t already: Please sign the petition now.

M for Malaysia screening at CAAMFEST

The Centre for Asian American Media is hosting the world premiere of M for Malaysia in San Francisco. The film is co-directed by the granddaughter of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and takes a critical look at his problematic history and the lead up to the 2018 elections. AMC Kabuki 8, Wed May 15, 9:40 pm. Get tickets here

Forest Protection is Malaysia’s Climate Ace Card

Read The Borneo Project’s newest Advisory Council member Christine Milne in Malaysiakini, putting forward the case that Malaysia cannot meet its climate targets without drastically changing its approach to deforestation:

“Standing forests are the key to what could be Malaysia’s new development model of protection, stewardship and Indigenous rights. For the first time, failing to act on climate may well cost the country more in trade and geopolitics than acting to address it.” Read the full article here.