Featured Video: Impact of Deforestation on the Indigenous Dayak Benuaq People

This short video by Environmental Investigation Agency and Telepak shows how the Dayak Benuaq people, an indigenous community in Borneo, has witnessed the destruction of the forest they live in due to the increasing global demand for palm oil. Watch the film below.

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Featured video: indigenous community witnesses end of forest for palm oil
Jeremy Hance
March 26, 2012


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Muara Tae Diaries from EIA on Vimeo.

Forests are falling across Borneo. A new videoblog by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Telepak have documented the loss of one such forest in Indonesian Borneo, and its impact on the indigenous Dayak Benuaq people.

Tensions hit a high point last year as PT Munte Waniq Jaya Perkasa, a company owned by Malaysia-based TSH Resources, began clearing the forest backed by police and other security personnel. The video highlights the contrast between the Dayak Benuaq’s standing forest and reforestation project and the recently cleared area for plantations.

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