Ongoing Programs

Direct Support and Solidarity: 

The Borneo Project works directly with communities who are fighting environmental destruction. In 2012, we partnered with the SAVE-Rivers coalition to stop the expansion of twelve new mega-dams that threaten to displace thousands of people and destroy priceless habitat. (The recently completed Bakun Dam has already displaced over 10,000 indigenous residents, flooded 173,000 acres of ancient rainforest, and created a vast reservoir of sulfurous, acidic, methane-emitting water that can not be used for bathing, cooking, or drinking). We also provide financial resources for communities who are fighting for land rights in court. Working directly with land rights lawyers, we are able to cover many of the costs that make it otherwise impossible for communities to pursue their fights in the courts – including travel, accommodation, and food in the cities where the courts are located. Learn More Here.

Indigenous Language Education: 

The Borneo Project funds three indigenous-language preschools, developed from requests from communities fighting logging and plantation expansion. At these innovative schools, local women teach indigenous-language lessons in reading, math and science to children who would otherwise have no access to early childhood education. Our schools serve over 100 children each year. We also publish indigenous-language children’s books featuring traditional stories and art by indigenous artists, giving the children in our schools (and in other communities) access to locally appropriate reading material.  Learn More Here.

International Awareness Building:

The Borneo Project works to share stories from Borneo with a wider audience in the United States and across the globe. We do this through dynamic use of social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and through our own regularly updated blog, which highlights pertinent articles from our partners, as well as our own work. We also forge relationships with reporters and push to get mainstream media coverage of breaking and on-going stories in Borneo out to the general public. Learn More Here