International Awareness Building


The Borneo Project works to build awareness about Borneo and issues facing the island in order to increase an international audience and obtain global support.  The Project also aims to draw greater connection between rainforest destruction in Borneo, global climate change, and everyday consumer purchasing behavior.  

Social Media 

To keep up with the pulse of what’s happening in Borneo, LIKE our Facebook page:, FOLLOW us on Twitter @borneoaction, and join in the conversation on LinkedIn

Borneo Project Blog 

The Borneo Project blog features stories and analysis on issues in Borneo. Check it out here for the latest information on indigenous rights and forest conservation.  

What Does Borneo Mean To You?

We’re excited to connect our followers and supporters, both near and far, through our What Does Borneo Mean To You storytelling initiative.  This effort highlights personal stories and reflections of those who have visited the island, or who have lived in Borneo for an extended period of time.  No matter how long your stay, these stories share a common thread: each author has been deeply impacted by the land, culture and people.  We encourage you to visit the page to learn more about these shared experiences and to add your own story if you have one!  

Media Contact 

The Borneo Project works to bring stories about Borneo into the mainstream media to increase awareness about issues affecting the island, including topics such as biodiversity, indigenous rights and climate change.  If you are interested in covering issues related to Borneo, or are interested in learning more about issues impacting the region, please get in touch with Tara Holmes, our Communications and Outreach Manager, at, or at 1.413.551.9084.  Click here to view our media and press page.