Take Action

Tell Australia to stop supporting destructive dam expansion in Sarawak!

Massive hydroelectric dams in Sarawak are destroying the remaining rainforests and violating the rights of the indigenous people who have called that land home for generations.  The Malaysian government is planning on building 12 more dams by 2020, dams which will obliterate priceless habitat and displace thousands of indigenous people. Click here to learn more about dam expansion, watch some great videos, and check out some powerful protest photos.  

Very few international actors have allied with Taib to provide support to the dam building effort in Sarawak. The exception to that rule is Hydro Tasmania, which is fully owned by the government of the Australian province of Tasmania. Hydro Tasmania and their fully owned subsidiary Entura provided technical expertise and seconded staff to Sarawak Energy. This relationship is particularly ironic because Australia has repeatedly made strong international commitments to human and indigenous rights, including signing the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Click here to learn more about Hydro Tasmania and how they are helping Sarawak destroy rivers, rainforest, and communities. 

Take action today and stand with The Borneo Project (USA), the Bruno Manser Fund (Switzerland), the Rainforest Action Network (USA), International Rivers (USA), and the Sarawak Report (UK), and demand that the government of Australia and the government of Tasmania live up to their commitments to protect indigenous rights and the environment by immediately cutting all ties with Sarawak Energy and pulling Hydro Tasmania and all of its subsidiaries out of Sarawak.