For over twenty years, helping Borneo's rainforest communities protect their lands, livelihoods, and cultures for generations to come.
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Sarawak’s Land Grab Laws Must Go!

April 18, 2014 by Taylor Ashford

Now that Taib is no longer Chief Minister of Sarawak, the state needs to get rid of his unconstitutional land grab laws. Read more below about how Taib unconstitutionally took land from the indigenous people of Sarawak and how he treated them when they protested. Read more at Sarawak Report. Read more about land grabs in…


Malaysia Imperils Forest Reserves and Sea Turtle Nesting Ground for Industrial Site

April 17, 2014 by Taylor Ashford

Plans for building a liquefied natural gas plant and a steel coil mill  threaten one of Malaysia’s only marine turtle nesting beaches and a forest home to rare trees and mammals inside Tanjung Hantu Permanent Forest Reserve. Read more below to find out what the effects of this industrial site will be on the environment and…


Indonesian 'Legal' Timber Scheme Could Be Greenwashing Illegal Products, NGOs Warn

April 16, 2014 by Taylor Ashford

 New research suggests even certified companies in Indonesia may not be meeting EU standards and these flaws in the country’s system to verify legal wood products (which is “almost impossible” for companies to fail) could have implications for trade with Europe. Read more below to find out what these flaws are and how they can…